What are the remarkable achievements of Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking What are the remarkable achievements of Stephen Hawking?

Stephen Hawking is the name which is well known to the people of the whole world for his remarkable achievements throughout the lifetime.

“Presidential Medal of Freedom” The mentioned awards are the remarkable achievement of Stephen Hawking.”

He is one of the special names that will be kept written with golden letters in the scientific community. His astonishing observations and perfect explanation of those observations has helped the world of science to advance in a quicker way. Stephen Hawking was born in the United States in the year 1942. But he had to return London as both of his parents are from there. He had completed his graduation in the year 1962 from the Oxford University. After the completion of the graduation, he became famous within a short time for applied mathematics and theoretical physics. An accident happened at that time which made him a paralyzed patient, but that accident couldn’t stop him from his determination rather all his remarkable achievements are after that accident.

The first mentionable achievement was the Eddington medal in the year of 1975. Though Stephen Hawking was paralyzed and was unable to speak, he was the man who kept a massive contribution for the breakthroughs of the theoretical physics. And the Eddington award was given to him as an honor for his remarkable contribution. As the scientists found his contributions as something special, they nominated his name for the Albert Einstein Medal. And after that nomination, Stephen Hawking received the famous Albert Einstein Medal in the year of 1979. After that he was named as the fellow of the famous Royal Society and he is one of the few people who received this honor in the early stage of life.

The “Wolf Prize” in Physics is considered as the most prestigious award after the Noble Prize and Stephen Hawking won that price in the year of 1988. He won that famous prize for his hard work and deep research on the two most important topics. The two topics are Big Bang Theory and the Black Hole theory. He wrote a famous book named“A brief History of Time” where the proper explanation of the two mentioned theory was added and that book is the best selling book from 1988. For his outstanding services in the field of science he was honored with the award Copley Medal arranged by the Royal Society in the year 2006. His last award is the “Presidential Medal of Freedom”  in the year 2009 and this is the highest honor that can be given to a citizen of the U.S.A.

The mentioned awards are the remarkable achievement of Stephen Hawking. But without those achievements, this famous man had won a number of awards over his life span. He has kept a remarkable influence in the field of science especially physics. His outstanding contribution will help the scientist of the next generation in many ways. At the very end it can be said that, he is the person whose name will be written in golden letters for the next thousand years.

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